I attended my daughter-in-law's bridal shower, hostessed by Bridget, on Memorial Day weekend, this year (2013). Everything was so colorful and Bridget used Crystal's colors, down to the candy, in glass jars, that the attendees could scoop out and bring home, in small bags. The tables were adorned with plants, that were potted in clay pots, painted in Crystal's colors, and Bridget even had flowers floating in the swimming pool!! Bridget had organized the games so well, and even had a board made up with the questions/answers (that were covered up, temporarily!), so that everyone could, visually, see what Crystal was being asked. The food was delicious, along with the cupcakes for dessert. I told Bridget at the time, that she should be organizing bridal and baby showers, for a living, and I really meant it!! I would highly recommend Bridget Soto as your next event planner. She is so detailed and not only organizes everything, keeps the event rolling along, but takes lots and lots of pictures, all at the same time!!! Thank you, Bridget, for making Crystal's bridal shower such an eventful day for all of us. --Martha Philipp--


Bridget did such a fantastic job planning my bridal shower!!! Every detail was perfect and all of it she did herself. From growing the succulent table arrangements and painting their pots green and purple to match my wedding colors, to the appetizers and the chicken Cesar salad (which tasted fabulous!). She was also super creative with the games we played. Everyone loved the party, had a great time, and was impressed. It was the best party I've ever had! --Crystal Philipp--


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