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Creative Events by Bridget is a full-service event planning company founded by Bridget Soto. She officially launched the business in September 2013 after a year of creating and hosting personal events for family and friends.


Creative Events by Bridget aspires to create all types of personal events that are important in creating memories of a lifetime. Whether it is celebrating the birth of a child, a beautiful bride to be or a birthday celebration, Bridget strives to create events that transport participants away from their everyday lives.

Bridget creates events for clients in both the Long Beach, CA and Fresno, CA surrounding areas

We can transform any location into an event inspired by you. Whether it be a backyard, park, banquet room or family home, each event is created and catered to be the event you dreamed it would be.


Bridget is there before your event starts until your event finishes, insuring that everything run smoothly and is presently beautifully for you and your guests.

Service with a Smile! Creative Events by Bridget strive to meet you every need in planning and presenting you with an event you'll always remember.

Creative Events by Bridget was created after requests by friends and family were made to customize events by creative owner Bridget Soto.






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